Pug Luv is an accessories brand for Pug lovers and

enthusiasts born from a strong love for Pugs and a

passion for Graphic Design. Its story begins with Benny.


Six years ago I became the lucky owner of Benny,

a male, fawn Pug. Since then, he has been my

sunshine and source of many smiles.


I have lived in Barcelona and San Francisco and

in both cities I've noticed Pug owners are a lot alike.

They enjoy getting together and eventually become

a tight community of friends who exchange stories

and anecdotes about their dearest companions.

As a graphic designer and Pug lover, this project

made a lot of sense. It has become my hobby and

a job that makes me smile.


This is why I like to call it A Tail of Two Cities:

Pug Luv in San Francisco & Barcelona.


I hope that my Pug lover friends will enjoy it.

Thanks for your support!